Safety instructions

Death or severe injury can occur if the appropriate safety instructions are not observed.
  • The COMPANO 100 test set can output life-hazardous voltages and currents.
  • Before operating any such electrical equipment, carefully read the Safety Instructions section of this manual.
  • Do not use (or even turn on) any electrical equipment without understanding the information in its manual.
  • Existing national safety standards for accident prevention and environmental protection may supplement the equipment's manual.
  • Only trained personnel should work with COMPANO 100.


hiddenFor your own safety always follow the 5 basic safety rules:

  1. Disconnect completely.
  2. Secure against re-connection.
  3. Verify that the installation is dead.
  4. Carry out grounding and short-circuiting.
  5. Provide protection against adjacent live parts.

Operator qualifications


Rules for use



To clean the COMPANO 100 test set, use a cloth dampened with isopropanol alcohol. Prior to cleaning, always switch off the On/Off power switch and unplug the battery charger.


Wiring and Safe Connection

Safe areaDangerous area

To carry out tests with COMPANO 100, proceed as follows:

  1. Always press the Emergency stop button first.

  2. Secure the device under test by following the 5 basic safety rules (see The 5 basic safety rules):

  3. Connect the cables to the device under test.

  4. Connect the banana plug cables to COMPANO 100 (see Safe use of test leads and adapters).

  5. Release the Emergency stop button and power up COMPANO 100. Do not enter the dangerous area anymore now (see image above).

  6. Start the test at COMPANO 100.

    While testing, do not enter the dangerous area. Stay clear from the cable ends at the device under test. Quite often these devices have connectors that can easily be touched. The same applies to some connection adapters of COMPANO 100. Always stay in the safe area (see image above).

When the test is finished and you want to leave the site, proceed as follows:

  1. Power down COMPANO 100, and press the Emergency stop button.

  2. To prevent the COMPANO 100 from unauthorized usage or from being powered up again accidentally, pull off the dongle (the connector for external safety functions; see side view).

  3. Disconnect the cables from COMPANO 100.

  4. Disconnect the cables from the device under test.


Safe use of test leads and adapters

Test leads

Death or severe injury caused by high voltage possible
The outputs of the COMPANO 100 are controlled by the software running in the device. Note that just turning off the outputs in the controlling software is not sufficiently safe.
  • Do not work on connected touchable test objects, connections or teminals while the COMPANO 100 is active (Start/stop pressed) .
  • Always make sure that the Emergency stop button is pressed, the test set is secured against reactivation, and all parts in the working area are powerless before you work on touchable test objects, connections or terminals (see Wiring and Safe Connection).

The COMPANO 100 test set is supplied with flexible test lead adapters (2 x black, 2 x red) that have an angled connector at one end, and a retractable sleeve at the other end.

Never directly insert one of the retractable sleeves into a COMPANO 100 socket at the front of the test set. This does not comply with the designated purpose of these leads and is contrary to the safety regulations.

To connect a test object to COMPANO 100, always use the angled connectors for the test set's sockets: At the test object, use the test lead's retractable sleeve side:


Terminal adapters

Use flexible or hard terminal adapters to connect regular test leads to screw-clamp terminals.

Death or severe injury caused by high voltage possible
The terminal adapters have blank ends.
  • Before connecting the terminal adapters, press the Emergency stop button on the COMPANO's front panel and secure the test set against reactivation (see Wiring and Safe Connection).
  • Always insert the terminal adapter with its blank end first into the terminal strip, and fasten it before connecting it to a test lead.


Grounding COMPANO 100

In a substation environment, do not operate COMPANO 100 without an additional connection to ground. That connection should have a diameter of at least 2.5 mm2 (see side view). Ground COMPANO 100 as close as possible to the operator.

COMPANO 100 is of protection class II. Therefore, grounding is not as critical as with devices that are grounded via a power cord. Nevertheless, due to internal capacities you could still sense some coupled voltages at the housing. Grounding is therefore recommended.


Setting COMPANO 100 into operation



Only use COMPANO 100 in combination with original OMICRON accessories as explained in the user manual. Only use COMPANO 100 accessories with other OMICRON devices when this usage is described in the respective device's user manual.


Information for disposal and recycling

The test set and all of its accessories are not intended for household use. At the end of its service life, do not dispose of the test set with household waste!

For customers in EU countries (incl. European Economic Area)

OMICRON test sets are subject to the EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive 2012/19/EU (WEE directive). As part of our legal obligations under this legislation, OMICRON offers to take back the test set and to ensure that it is disposed of by an authorized recycling facility.

However, if there are any signs of a defective lithium-ion battery, transportation is not allowed.

For customers outside the European Economic Area

Contact the authorities in charge for the relevant environmental regulations in your country, and dispose of the OMICRON test set in accordance with your legal local requirements.

see Handling defective lithium-ion batteries.